• Friend in Need, Friend Indeed

Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, March 2nd, 2008





I do not always hear the results of my ministry. Then again, out of the blue, I do. Recently, I received this encouraging email from Debby DeBernardy. I remember staying in her home during a ministry tour in Phoenix, AZ.

It has been years since we have had any contact, but this is what she said…

Barney, You won’t remember me, but it was your encouragement that kept me in Children’s Ministries when our Children’s Pastor and Administrator were asked to leave and I wanted to run from my calling. It was you who encouraged me to check into Fuller Seminary for a Master’s in Theology with a concentration in Children’s Ministry, in which God miraculously granted favor. You were wonderful to my kids and other people’s kids when you came as a children’s evangelist to our Church in Tempe, AZ. That has been many years ago…but I still feel like it was yesterday! I am still in Children’s Ministries, an Adjunct Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary Southwest and a Spiritual Director. None of this would have come about in the time frame had God not placed you in our home and lives, at just the right time! When I saw you on the promotional video with Karl on Kidology…I thought I must contact you to tell you what an honor it must be to sit with God in your writings to leave a legacy for so many generations! My daughter lives in Joshua Tree so I am near Palm Springs a lot. I am especially thankful for the fact that you are attentive to helping younger leaders learn a rhythm of how to be intimate with God for spirit empowering action in ministry and world. (My words, but that was how I envisioned some of what you might do along with finding their leadership, management, personality styles, etc.) I have been asked to put together a course on Child Spirituality for Fuller SW. Amazing the roads God takes you. Again, if it was not for your encouragement and the Fuller pamphlet you gave me, these would have been missed blessings for me. Anyway, blessings on your new adventure. I am going to pray to see if I should grab you as a coach since we have been and will be going through another transition at my church. Love to your family and SIX grandkids! (I finally got my first grandchild this year!) Now, I am even more passionate about the spiritual and faith formation of infants and children!     Debby DeBernardi

A friend in need, is a friend, indeed! My pleasure! I remember Debby well. I have been in contact since her email.

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