• A Good Business Decision?

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, July 11th, 2011

A Good Business Decision?

A good business decision is not always understood to be good until time has elapsed and the evaluation is done. Business’s are in the business to make money, so one of the best ways to measure a good business decision is to realize a profit. However, most good business decisions are calculated with an element of risk. The marketplace does not always perform the way we might expect or predict. There can be some surprises, some hidden factors or some unforeseen variables that might alter the bottom line and the profit anticipated. It is important that there is a projected return on investment. (ROI)

In Church Ministry we are not always looking to the bottom-line as the litmus test for making good business decisions. We are more concerned about converts, baptisms, changed lives, membership, programs, and tithers. ( to name a few)

In Children’s Ministry we might want to focus on making good investments with our budget, getting deals on our resources. Arranging for a speaker that fits your budget, or investing a potential nuclear family that has leadership potential and could assist in the growth of the church. When leaders come together to hire a Children’s Pastor they are looking for someone who will make a significant contribution to the growth and development of the church.

They would consider it a bad business decision to hire a baby sitter, or a person to provide childcare. They also do not want a maintainer, but a purpose-driven leader who can not only lead a volunteer team, provide new cutting-edge programming, but also can be a team-player on staff. The goal is not to maintain the status quo or manage the complaint department. So a good business decision is much more complex than the bottom line, like in business. But could it be said that your church is making good business decisions in ministry? How about in your Children’s ministry?

So here are a few Case Scenarios that might call for a good business decision. What would be your best response—that might be classified as a good business decision? Think about it!

1.  You enter into a discussion with staff and leadership to Remodel Your Preschool Wing. You are preparing a budget and are considering several decorating options. Money might be an issue, but the rationale to what image and potential program growth and awareness generated might offset the cost. What is involved in making a good business decision?

2. You are considering the pros and cons of Expanding Your Building as you need more elementary classrooms for your growing program. You are part of the building committee and the team is looking to you to determine the room requirements for the maximum number of children and the cost per square foot per child to build the classrooms. Financing is a concern, but the potential growth is real. What is a good business decision look like for your program?

3. The Church has given you a Fixed Budget for VBS. So you are shopping for curriculum, a speaker, best resources and programming aids. Decision has to be—can you do any significant outreach on this limited budget? What are some of the measuring devices that you could use to get the best deals? Would you be limited by the fixed budget? What is involved in your good business decision?

4. You have isolated an area in town that you want to Target Your Outreach Ministry for the church. To make this ministry happen you must secure and provide travel options to get the responsive children to attend your church. What would be some of the factors that you would pursue to get the good business decision to accomplish this direction?

5. You are planning an After-School Tutoring Program for needy children near your church. How would you propose to make this program self-supporting, small enough to provide specialized help, yet large enough to be attractive for kids and specialized teachers and or tutors? What is involved in making a good business decision?

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