• A Kidmin Bargainologist

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, May 21st, 2012

A Kidmin Bargainologist

If you never pay full price for any- thing, you eventually get the reputation of being a Bargain Shopper. However, if one is constantly occupied with the study of bargains in all their forms, they might just be a Bargainologist.

It seems to me, if one spends years never having enough money in their budget, they could get very frugal and thrifty in their search to save money. Without an adequate budget to supply the necessary resources needed in Kidmin, the quest becomes how to accomplish a creative program on a shoestring budget.

While I surely understand the need to be looking for the bargains, you must also be willing to pay full price once in a while. I think paying “retail” for some things is not only acceptable, but a good witness to non-Christians. The danger is to expect a discount when there is none.

Our Christianity should not be used as entitlement—it does impress, but not favorably. However, that being said, I think we should learn to shop and use our money wisely, looking for the best buys.

Shopping can compare to a safari-like experience, when you hunt and find that rare item at such a low price. However, with trophies of a good shopping trip, it can be just like the thrill of the hunt. The quest is to stretch your buying power by being able to buy wisely.

Here are my Top Thirteen Bargain Tips to maximize your buying power in Children’s Ministry.

  1. Discount Coupons: Promotional Coupons for discounted sales.
  2. Conference Specials. Look for exhibitors reducing items to attract business and create sales.
  3. Early-Bird Discounts: Knowing when to buy and when to wait is part of a successful shopping experience.
  4. Free Curriculum: Take advantage of free curriculum offers, even though you do not need it. It might fit later.
  5. Buy Close to the Source: Try to buy resources closer to the source. The middlemen want a share in the profits.
  6. Seasonal Closeouts: Shopping at the end of a season for next year’s events.
  7. Twofer Deals: Be on the lookout for deals where you buy two resources for the price of one.
  8. Contest Rewards: Entering your name, church and ministry might be selected for a complimentary reward.
  9. Promotional-Member Benefits: Promotional events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, March Madness, etc.
  10. Giveaways: Gifts to secure your recommendation cause word of mouth promotion and future retail sales.
  11. Publisher’s Discounters: These are middlemen who buy in volume and pass the savings on to you. They are working on volume sales.
  12. Bargains on Line: Search and shop on line for bargains.
  13. Recycled Sources: Garage Sales, Second Hand Stores, Goodwill, Swap Meets, Flea Markers, Antique Malls.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, it does reflect the repertoire for the Fine Art of Bargainology. I am sure you can add to this list your own sure-fire. A Bargainologist takes great pleasure in getting the deals—stretching the dough.

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