• A Light in the Fog

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, May 14th, 2012

Light in a Fog

Fog has a way of engulfing the visible rendering it invisible. Normally, a Lighthouse is useful at night when visibility is diminished. Then you add fog in the night and you have a hazardous condition for navigating any coastal waters. Lighthouses have been strategically constructed all along rugged coastlines to provide direction and warning of dangerous conditions for mariners at sea. Many a seaman has been helped by such a focused source of light that can provide just enough “glow in the haze” to provide some sense of direction. Of course, it shines even brighter when as the fog begins to lift.

Someone recently paid me this compliment regarding my coaching her in Children’s Ministry. “You were like a bright light in a fog for me?”

This caused me to think. Would it be possible that conditions would be such that a leader could feel so unprepared for Children’s Ministry? Could someone be so overwhelmed with a sense of duty that they could just loose their way—like a ship on a foggy night? Yes, I have seen it happen. Such was the case with my student.

She was not sure what to do, not being specifically trained or prepared for her new ministry, but fully trying, as best she could, not able to see clearly very far ahead. She was feeling really alone with none to help her. She seemed clueless, no clear vision of where she was going—she was in a fog.

Then there was this beam of focused light that peered through the haze, faint at first, but clearer, as distance got closer to the source.

Even the reflected light in the foggy haze brought some hope and direction. Then the fog lifted!

Now there was more clarity to her vision. She made some critical adjustments and navigated the rocky hazards. The shipwreck was averted in troubled waters.

With some new insights and skills, she resolved to chart a new course. She embarked on a whole new adventure, this time venturing into deeper waters, but with a plan.

What made the difference in her journey? It was the Lighthouse! That faithful focused beam of light was the turning point. Another ministry casualty was rescued!

Coaching Works…

“Imagine how a focused beam of coaching light can encourage a new direction with proven strategies to help one avert shipwreck.”

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