• Absorbant-Resistant Variable

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, February 21st, 2011

Absorb Resist Var

What is the Absorbent/Resistant Variable?

It is a way of understand just how new comers experience your infrastructure (or your programs). If you will notice in the attached diagram, the Resistant Pattern  occurs when groups are almost impossible for the new comer to enter, too many keep out signs! They are not designed to welcome or assimilate the newcomers, they seem to attract, but cannot hold on to visitors. There is a big back door and they leave.

In every program in the Absorbent Variable has programs that are clearly designed for the entry of new comers. Every program absorbs the visitor and these programs grow. There is not really a back door, because the newcomers stay.

The Absorbent/Resistant Variable is a visual way to understand how the visitor might experience our programs. Oh, the dotted figures are proposed programs that do not yet exist, but are planned for the newcomers. Try to evaluate your ministry groups to determine just how receptive they are to guests. What can you do to help make your groups more receptive and open to meeting the needs of newcomers?

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