• Closing the Office

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, November 17th, 2008


We began the new year downsizing the office by removing all our creative products, manufacturing, distribution to Kid Helpers Resources, Inc. As the year wore on our office was becoming just a storage unit. So after several months of struggle with it, it was finally decided to close the office after 36 years in the same place. So I kind of “dropped out” for a solid four weeks to make the move. It was not easy. I would sure rather move someone else, than move my own things. My ministry collection was 40 (plus) years old, so moving and sorting through my accumulation sure brought back the memories. All I had to do was just pick something up and the memories would come.

Then the question would follow…


“What do I do with this item? Keep? Sort? or Pitch? Well, it did get easier as the weeks rolled on, and now, I have moved out; I have closed the office and turned in the keys. Now, I have three storage units. My office is at home. I am still in business with my laptop and cell phone. I am continuing my ministry to evangelize children and help others to do the same. However, I have reduced my overhead by 70%. I am getting more used to working from the home and resuming my daily routines. I am not planning on retiring any time soon, but surely, I would have to downsize anyway, so there was “no time like the present,” as difficult as it was for me. I am sure glad most of this is over. It was a good decision! (I can say it now) Thanks to my family and friends, I was able to depart in four weeks. I was able to throw out seven bins full of unnecessary things, I had accumulated, that were no longer useful to me or anyone else. I am still sorting through some files and boxes, but it still has to be done, no matter what. With all the crunch in the economy right now, this appears to have been a really prudent and wise decision. So, all that to say…I am back to writing and blogging again.

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Glen Woods Says:
November 17th, 2008 at 11:40 pm

I was beginning to wonder where ya went…. Welcome back!


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