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Posted by: kidhelper on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Do what you LOVE 2

Coach’s Conundrums

This is a new series: my collection of pithy principles that need some explanation. The implementing of these conundrums could alter your paradigm for children’s ministry or influence the way you approach kids. Check out the other eight of the Coach’s Conundrums.

#9. Do what you LOVE what you do

Once you begin down a path of interest, hobby, work, ministry, calling, expertise, tenure, it is good to be reminded that doing what you LOVE is not just a job. Do not forget what drives you, it should be your passion (your love). This love compels our forward momentum and can bring us into a deep satisfaction.

This is a conundrum because it is possible to get this all wrong, like backwards—like not loving what we do, just tolerating it or enduring our work, just getting by, treating the job as routine, doing the minimum, staying just above average, and not excelling at what your doing. Warming the bench is, after all, means you are still on the team, but seeing no action on field. But we have to take our turn at bat. We get to run.We get to catch the fly ball. Passive resistance will not really cut it. You can be benched, for lack of effort.

It is a sad statement to admit that you do not love what you do because you are not doing what you love. I certainly have had to do difficult things, but at the end of the day, I am challenged by what I get to do for the Lord. He has been faithful to me and has led me into productive work. Now, after fifty years of doing ministry, I can say that “I still love what I do, because I am still doing what I love.”

The dreaded “retirement” word has come up, but frankly, I cannot imagine now not speaking, not evangelizing, not writing, not creating, not learning, not traveling and not coaching. It is all is still very alive and invigorating for me. I am enjoying my ministry more than ever. I think partly because I see just how much my present is a continuation of my past experiences in ministry.

So let me encourage you to fall in love with your present ministry to children, nurture the passion for excellence. Keep doing what you Love, and Love what you do. As the years go by, there will be no regrets.

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