• Coach’s Conundrum #1

Posted by: kidhelper on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

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Coach’s Conundrums This is a new series: my collection of pithy principles that need some explanation. The implementing of these conundrums could alter your paradigm for children’s ministry or influence the way you approach kids.

1. “You keep ‘em, by the way you win ‘em!”

When beginning your Children’s Ministry you try multiple programming options to find your strategy to attract, win and assimilate new children into your ministry. So here is what I have learned: If it takes sports programs to attract kids to your program, it will take sports programs to keep them attracted to your program. If it takes trips to amusement parks (like Disneyland) to attract kids, then it will take more trips excursions to keep them coming. So here is a short list of ways to attract kids: summer camping, music, magic, Bible study, small groups, Sunday school, Children’s Church, stage performances, day camping, club programs, and personal attention from the leader. All these, and many more, are solid pathways to attract kids, but the secret of keeping them coming is sustained programming in the same vain.

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