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Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, February 1st, 2010

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Coach’s Huddle Dec 7, 2009

Dear Protege’s,

Hey, Listen to This! December business is here! Mexico Kid Mission is coming; our weekly training has begun. India Meals of Love is in full swing hoping to raise $72,000 and send over Quarter of a Million Meals to India.  I presented my Dove Pan-Rice Trick five times this weekend, the trick worked too. Also, I went to Disneyland to celebrate my daughter’s birthday Sunday. That is one special place at Christmas. It was very fun for the family. At home: all the decorations are up, except the house lights…this week I guess.

Kidology Announces New Curriculum, Free for Members! Did you hear the news? Hot off the presses, this weekend Kidology announced a free-downloadable, three-year curriculum for you to consider. It is called Discovering God’s Path. Beginning with the January, 2010, you can download a unit per month, as long as, you are a current member of Kidology. Membership has its benefits. Check it out and find out what Open-Source Curriculum is all about. See http://www.kidology.org/page.asp?i=178

The “Crock-Pot” Approach to Lesson Preparation As you may well know the proper way to use a crock-pot is to gather all the ingredients into the crock-pot and slowly cook it many hours. This is a great idea for a gourmet stew to greet you after work. There is something that happens with this slow, deliberate form of cooking that is superior to most fast-cooking methods, namely, you do not loose any of the natural juices. Everything is saved in the pot.

Begin reviewing the next week’s lesson on same day you taught the last lesson, just to get the text going in your heart and mind. Then each day review the whole lesson rather superficially, followed by another round, more intentionally. Then, the next day you do some research, and plan to secure resources. You then plan the optional pieces to supplement your lesson. Next, you organize your time and sequence of teaching, being sure to share what the lessons says to you. Each day you add another layer to deepen your preparation. It just stews in its own juice. You speak from a position of having let the Word of God dwell in you for the week, not just on what you can get, late on Saturday night. This is the slow crock-pot approach to lesson preparation. Try it!

Thirteen Effects of Christmas (If You Understand My Meaning) It has been my pleasure to work with you all. Sharon and I have seen many Christmases in our 43 years of marriage (an attraction, if you understand my meaning). However, we both agree that having six grand children takes the holiday to another level. (a antigravity, if you understand my meaning) We got grandchild #8 this year (a production, if you understand my meaning). We celebrate how Jesus humbled himself and became flesh so that we know God (a transposition, if you understand my meaning). My and wife and I both invited Jesus into our lives as young children, and we were changed. Our four children have been converted too. Now we pray that all our grand children will make this life-changing decision too. Three have already done that now (a transformation, if you understand my meaning).

Our hearts desire for children everywhere would be that they could experience God’s forgiveness of sin and guilt (a vanish, if you understand my meaning). Of course, coming to Jesus is just the beginning of a life-long discipleship process where we mirror, be like and copy the life of Jesus. (an attraction, if you understand my meaning) So we want to just send our greetings to you and yours praying that you will get through this season avoiding distraction and focusing on Jesus. (a penetration, if you understand my meaning). We know prayer changes things and God is still on the throne and wants to do the impossible for us (an animation, if you understand my meaning). We can appreciate that this time of year can be conflictual, having family around and being with difficult people, but we would encourage you to be kind, civil and as loving a possible this year. It could make a huge difference (a restoration, if you understand my meaning).

For myself, I want to find out what God is doing in the New Year and do it with Him (a sympathetic reaction, if you understand my meaning). I know that God has been protecting me as I have gone global in recent times and I am experiencing his provision and care. I am secure in Him (an invulnerability, if you understand my meaning). I am experiencing the fullness of the Holy Spirit and the power of His word (a physical abnormality, if you understand my meaning). The outsiders will want what we have, but they cannot attain this life by merely copying us and doing good works. Good works, in themselves, will help anyone get to heaven or have this new life in Christ. Those who go through the motions will surely experience the hypocrisy of the effort. (a spectator failure, if you understand my meaning). There you have it, the effects of Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Barney and Sharon Kinard

The Unspeakable Gift This is an article about a gift that defies words to describe. I thought you might like a copy for your files. Your free downloadable attachment is offered below! For those of you who have not seen this, you will find the attachment below.

Two Thirds of a PUN is still PU!  (Here is your weekly joke) A sign on the automatic washing machines at the Laundrymat: Please remove all your clothes when the light goes out!

Coaching Calls This Week We have a full week for Coaching Calls. I am available, just about the whole week during the day. So be sure that you arrange a “confirmed” appointment with me. Monday and Wednesday nights I am not available. Any evening Coaching Calls will only be on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday nights. Check in with me, if there is any doubt about when you can take the call. Thanks

Well, That’s the Coach’s Huddle This Week.

At the Sound of the Whistle, Take Your Positions!

Barney, Your Kidology Coach                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Aka: the Kidhelper, Creatively Evangelizing Kids  and Helping Others to Do the Same.

Candy Maker’s Gift A gift for you? The first person mentioning this book to me, will receive it in the mail, a merry Christmas present. Would this be you?

Just a Reminder: All students receive a 15% discount on All Products from the Kidology Coaching Program (except the Born Again Birthday Book). These products are available from Eva or Michael LaFond at www.Kidhelperresources.com. Check it out!

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