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Posted by: kidhelper on Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

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Coach’s Huddle Nov. 30, 2009

Dear Protege’s,

Hey, Listen to This!

Any Turkey Left? Just the bones, right? We had a wonderful time visiting my oldest daughter and her family in Sacramento. They did all the cooking, so there are no leftovers here. However, before we arrived there my two grand daughters gave us their colds. So for the last five days, we have been nursing a cold. I am trying to get back to the normal grind, but the cold is just hanging on.

What Would Jesus like for His Birthday? Wondering… if the answer might be to serve the homeless, widows and the fatherless. Maybe we need to feed the hungry and visit prisoners in jail. I am going to Mexico this Christmas, visiting poor, sick, cold, needy families, and prisoners. We will feed, cloth and bring the good news of Jesus. Plus our church is raising money to feed hungry in India.

A Shout Out for Bekah Bowman! She announced last week that she is pregnant with their first child. Join me in congratulating Bekah and Danny. Great news! We all rejoice with you Bekah.

What is a Heuristic Device? Heuristic is from New Latin heuristicus, from Greek heuriskein meaning to discover. It has lots of definitions depending upon the discipline that uses it. However, it a device to help one to learn, discover or investigate. In education, it is a method of teaching that allows the pupil to learn things for themselves. It is a form of problem solving by experimenting, especially trial-and-error methods. In computing, it denotes a “rule of thumb” for solving problems. In testing, it forces the person to choose or lean towards either extreme, thus avoiding the middle ground or middle of the road. For our purposes, the “testing devices” we use and Barney’s “rule of thumb” statements are heuristic devices. You might be helped to study Heuristics more by doing some Google research on your own.What is “Unpacking?” It’s a word that I use to describe digging a little deeper into your process. It might be helping you discuss or think more about something said or done.  It can be a way for me to find teachable issues that I can help you with. It may involve thinking “out of the box,” or exploring some alternatives. It could just be “debriefing.”

Two More Join Skype! Doug Olson and Bekah Bowman have joined our Skype Family. I would like all of you to be here, when you can arrange it.

The Creative Process, What Is It? It is a process whereby one moves from the ordinary to the extra-ordinary. It often is about just adding “bells and whistles.” Other times, it takes a radical change, like a complete revision of the old, a new look, a new form, new personnel, new program and/or a new organizational structure. It is often the difference between what is old and what is new. Creative process involves a fresh look at what you have done, what you are currently doing and what you need to be doing. Often it is cosmetic, involves problem solving, trial and error, or just starting over. It can involve an outside intervention to make some changes, maybe with a consultant or a coach. Can you describe your children’s ministry in creative terms? Defining your creative ministry might be the best advertisement of your creative process.

Mentoring Thoughts: “Mentoring is a serious meddling in other people’s lives.”   – Max De Pree

Kidology Handbook Special If you do not have this yet, I recommend that you order this. Be one of the first to read The Kidology Handbook: Teacher’s Edition, revised and expanded, featuring a bonus audio-book version read by Karl Bastian, the Kidologist.

For over ten years this comprehensive ministry manual has been a blueprint for an effective teaching ministry… and now it has gotten even better! Learn the “Kidology Method” of relational ministry, in addition to insightful instruction on preparing & teaching lessons, sharing the Gospel, shepherding kids, classroom discipline, and more.

Coach Recommends this for every Student: Check it out ★★★★★ The Kidology HandbookCD-ROM & Audiobook

Two Thirds of a PUN is still PU!  (Here is your weekly joke) 23. Wanted! Good Woman, Must be able to clean, cook, sew, dig worms and clean fish. Must have a boat and motor.  Please send picture of boat and motor.

Let’s Go to Children’s Pastors’ Conference in 2010 Ron Rudd is now planning to attend. I am making a list of those interested in going to CPC this go around. If we share our rooms we can cut some costs. Would you consider going to CPC in March 14th-17th at the Town and Country Hotel in San Diego, CA? For details see: http://www.incm.org/cpc.html

Coaching Calls This Week We have a full week for Coaching Calls. I am available, just about the whole week during the day. So be sure that you arrange a “confirmed” appointment with me. Monday Tuesday and Wednesday nights I am not available. Any evening Coaching Calls will only be on Thursday or Friday nights. Check in with me, if there is any doubt about when you can take the call. Thanks

Well, That’s the Coach’s Huddle This Week.

At the Sound of the Whistle, Take Your Positions!

Barney, Your Kidology Coach, Aka: the Kidhelper, Creatively Evangelizing Kids and Helping Others to Do the Same.

P.S. You might consider printing all these Huddles, some students do, you might find them useful later.

Just a Reminder: All students receive a 15% discount on All  Products from the Kidology Coaching Program (except the Born Again Birthday Book). These products are available from Eva or Michael LaFond at www.Kidhelperresources.com. Check it out!

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