• Confronting Change?

Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, November 11th, 2007

For a few weeks now, I have had the feeling that I was being followed. It was just a feeling, I thought. I tried to dismiss the nagging questions in my mind, but it continued. I could not really tell you what it was, but lurking in the shadows, I could faintly make out a moving object, could it be a cat?

No, I thought, it was bigger than a cat. I thought by leaving California this week I would leave this shadowy thing behind, but in Baltimore, it surfaced again. This time, it, whatever it was, became even more visible. It had spots and a tail…

As some of you know, my son, Ken, is an ardent advocate for the Mac. He is a dyed-in-the-wool Mac user for many years, and often has urged me to “get with the program.” I really did not want to change. So I hung on to my PC, after all, it was working.


After almost ten years, with the help of Karl Bastian, I got a new Mac Computer this year, last April, to be exact. Now, I love how my Mac works, better than my old PC. It has taken me awhile, but i am finally getting used to the changes. However, about the time I am getting used to the change, a new operating system for Mac has come out.

So now, Ken has been recommending that I should get one, so has my friend Karl Bastian. I have been considering it for a while, but have been relunctant to make the change. There always such a learning curve to adjust to with the new and improved upgrade. So visiting Ken opened the door. I was persuaded to go to the Apple Store this weekend to check it out. Well, after lots of my questions were answered, I decided that I would finally buy one.

Then it happened…


After the purchase we went out to lunch with the family and right there in the Rain Forest Cafe, it came back. That shadowy creature showed himself. Above, you can see what was really going on. Yes, I was being followed by the real thing, a Leopard.

So to get some relief, I showed him my new Leopard Program. And Poof, like magic, he vanished. So I guess, the anticipation of getting a new MAC OS X Leopard was what it was all about. Now I do not have to be haunted by the thought of changing to a Leopard. I got the Leopard.

Can a Leopard change its spots? No! Can an Children’s Evangelist change his ways? Yes! I am now learning a new operation system for my Mac. So it was really about change, after all. It is always a challenge to change, even when the change is for the better. Now I am confronting change again. I am hoping the learning curve will be favorable. I will have to let you know more how it goes later. Have you seen the Leopard yet?

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