• “Crazi Holidazi’s” Alert!

Posted by: kidhelper on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Crazi Holidazi

“Crazi Holidazi’s” Alert! So what are you going to be doing different this Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas? This Holiday Trio are, by far, the biggest holidays for kids in our American Culture.

Are you planning some kind of  church outreach event to reach and teach more children? Maybe you will be trying to counter the growing secularization of these holidays? The stores are already looking like Christmas, and we have not had Thanksgiving and Halloween yet.  Maybe you need to be more deliberate in your programming to make a difference. With a little effort and some advanced planning with your leaders, you can address this trend, which seeks to rob the truth out of our traditions. Maybe…You should try to resource the parents more this season. Send some resources home. Why not organize a food drive with your kids to help bring basket for needy family (or more) this Thanksgiving? Teach the children how to give and be more compassionate.

Halloween could be another great outreach event for you. We need to redeem this days that world celebrates, what they know not. This is our opportunity to “right some wrongs” in our culture, not for everyone, but at least for a few. Try to make a stronger witness for what “new life in Christ” is all about. Think about it. Are we making a difference here yet?

Schedule a Christmas program early in December to prepare parents how to counter this cultural shift away from the real meaning of Christmas. Have you considered Angel Breakfast yet? How about considering Karl Bastian’s Christmas Drama, Hark the Herald? Don’t forget to check out Kidology’s Holiday Zone, Halloween Zone and Thanksgiving Zone for more ideas. www.Kidology.org/zones

Don’t be lazy with the “Crazi Holidazi’s.”

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