• Creating a Barney’s Blizzard

Posted by: kidhelper on Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

How to Create a Barney’s Blizzard

Please read these instructions before trying this at home.

  1. First you need to find a thick, firm coffee mug, not a glass or thin coffee cup. Then you need the best ice cream, of your choice. You might try plain flavors at first, those without nuts or any additive variations. This is the “pure essence” of a Barney Blizzard.
  2. Now is the time to scoop the gourmet ice cream into the thick mug. You want to fill the mug, but do not pack in the ice cream too tightly, so that it is packed too firm. Leave some nooks and crannies. Once the mug is full of ice cream, pour your choice of milk into the cup just over ¾ full. You can use, whole milk, 2%, low fat, or non-fat milk. All types of milk work fine. (We do not recommend that you use water.)
  3. Take a teaspoon and gradually move the ice cream around in the milk, so the ice cream dissolves in the milk. Be careful not to spill the milk. This makes a thick mixture, like a milkshake, only thicker. If you have too much milk, drink a little out. Do not use a blender here, or you will loose the total effect of the Barney Blizzard.
  4. As you continue to work the ice cream, you are breaking down its consistency so that it becomes “mushy thick” in the milk. Prepare for the secret Barney move! When the ice cream is all mixed into the milk, let it sit a few seconds without stirring. That’s it! The milk freezes in that very instant and the ice cream gets very cold. Now, you are ready to eat it by the spoonful. It should be too thick to use a straw, which is not the Blizzard way.
  5. By continuing to turn the mixture as you eat it, you will continue to refreeze the milk in the cup. Slowly enjoy this cold Barney Blizzard treat, eating it by the spoonful, until gone. Savor every scoop. It is good to the last drop. Yummy and cool all the way down!
  6. Variations on the Barney Blizzard might include: adding nuts to plain vanilla or vanilla bean ice cream. You can add a little topping of your choice. You can buy a topping called “Colossal” at most grocery stores near the ice cream section, which consists of broken cone, nuts and crunchy candy bits that can add something special to any flavor Blizzard, You can add fruit, nuts, jam, jelly or small marshmallows, if you like that sort of taste.
  7. Foster Freeze stores also feature a Blizzard that is merely, a thick milkshake. The Barney Blizzard differs, in that, it is blended slowly the old-fashioned way, hand turned, slowly perfected with a spoon, which allows the milk to freeze ice cold. The blender breaks up the ice crystals and keeps them smaller. The gastronomical sensation to the pallet with larger ice particles is much preferred. You will never want to return to eating ice cream without milk again. Getting spoonfuls of ice crystals captured in your ice cream is the Barney Blizzard way. Those watching you eat will wonder why you have that smile.
  8. Remember to accept “no cheap” imitations with the Blizzard. Only the handiwork of a spoon and the slow deliberate turning of the ice cream in milk will provide you the satisfaction of a Barney Blizzard. It takes years of practice to perfect this technique, but with every cup you will experience the cool refreshing taste of this “Artic Blast from the Past,” called a Barney’s Blizzard. Try it! We think it is the best way to enjoy ice cream!

Just one word of caution: it is considered “poor etiquette” to eat a Barney’s Blizzard at the end of a formal dinner. Your host may frown on this “unorthodox” manner of eating ice cream. You might not get invited back, so “go with the flow.” It does not work well in China Cups anyway!

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