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The seventh in a series that will attempt to help you deal with some of the issues you face in relating to various constituents in your children’s ministry.

#7. Focus on Grandparents

It is too easy to ignore this seasoned, experienced group in your ministry constituency. You must learn how to involve grandparents to reach the third generation. I am not just talking about involving seniors in the nursery. I am suggesting that you train them in how to minister to their grand kids and the kids in your program. Children’s ministry for grandparents represents their “last chance for influence.” Make them your Care Team. They need vision, challenge and resources to “do it,” one more time. Sure they will be slower, but they have more available time for nurture and follow up. They need to be challenged about leaving a spiritual Legacy for their “children’s children.” (This is the Bible’s way of referring to grandparents)

So if you want to improve you focus on Grandparents, here are my Top-Ten Ways to involve Grandparents in your ministry.

1. Grandparents usually want help in supporting their own grand kids, especially when their own children are negligent at being spiritual leaders of their children.

2. Grandparents represent an alternative for follow up of young converts that can be deployed as a liaison for bridging directly to the children, often “by passing” the absentee parents.

3. Actively pursuing a relationship with senior adults who have grandchildren. Be willing to show up at their Senior gatherings. You need to establish a partnership. You want them on your team and they need you on theirs.

4. Organize a meeting for the Grandparents to brainstorm ways to support and encourage them as messengers of the gospel for their own grand kids—they can be their disciplers too.

5. Create, develop and/or find resources that provide assistance and help to further their influence with the young. Distribute these resources or make them available.

6. Encourage the congregation to pray for the Grandparents who carry their grand children’s spiritual condition in their hearts. Some feel inadequate or very alone in reaching out to their grand kids.

7. Train Grandparents in how to share the gospel and counsel their own grand kids. Offer to give them training, resources and activities so that they can participate with their grand kids. Involve them in your ministry too.

8. Organize meetings for Grandparents to get feedback, and solicit their prayerful support and encouragement for your efforts to share Jesus with their grand kids. Grandparents day is in September, why not sponsor a Grandparents Day for your Sunday school program.

9. Suggest this book called GrandLoving: Making Memories with you Grandchildren by Sue Johnson and Julie Carlson, Heartstrings Press, 2003, 3rd edition. A good resource just filled with activities and ideas for Grandparents. (Get this book)

10. Explore with Grandparents how to develop their Legacy. They need have a Legacy, live a Legacy and leave a Legacy. A Legacy is for the second and third generation.

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