• Growing Up Latte

Posted by: kidhelper on Tuesday, March 11th, 2008


Latte has made it to 5 pounds in three months, more than doubled her weight. She is a Maltepoo, part Maltese and part Poodle. Life for her has been good, she loves people and people love her. When I take her for a walk, people always stop and admire this snow ball with four legs. Why, I have had people actually stop their car just to admire her. Of course, Latte loves any attention, so she just gets very excited and bounces around gleefully.

You might think it is interesting to know that we have another dog…


Our other dog is a Cocker Spaniel named Baby Ruth, we call her Ruthie, for short. She was named after the candy bar (a little sweet and a little nuts). Ruthie is getting older now and we hope Latte will fill in when Ruthie retires. Having two dogs around the house has added another demension to our already busy lives, but we are managing. These two dogs do not really get along. Ruthie kind of tolerates Latte. Latte just wants to play. Ruthie is not interested in playing and is annoyed by Latte’s playful persistence, until her patience runs out. Then Ruthie runs and jumps to higher ground, like a couch. This is followed by a stand off, Ruthie growls and Latte eventually looses interest.

Lately, they have been seen playing a little more. Maybe Latte will win Ruthie over to being a playmate, after all.

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