• Growth by Extension

Posted by: kidhelper on Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Growth by Extension

On my last trip to Baltimore to visit the grand kids, we had some free time, so we gathered up the kids and went for a walk and bike ride up the street from my son’s home. We stopped at a large grass area that the road circled around. In the center of the grass area was a rather large evergreen pine tree that my oldest grandson wanted to climb. Having my camera with me he wanted me to take some photos of him climbing up the tree. As I got closer to the tree I noticed something about the tree I had never noticed about a pine tree before. All the tips of the limbs were a different color green than the branches. This indicated new growth.   I understand that pine trees grow out from the branch tips this way, but what struck me was   all the new growth was obviously a lighter color green. All the tips were a visual extension of the old darker pine needle branches.

Growth by Extension is a curious anomaly. Spring is the season for this new growth, but it was coming right off the end of the branches, all the branches. The whole tree was brilliantly displaying the new lighter green on all the tips of the branches. I guess, if it were not a lighter color, just the normal green color of the more aged branches, I would not have observed it.      I took some pictures of Ben and several of the tree branches with the light green tips.

However, I have been thinking about the kind of new growth that builds upon the former growth and by its extension is quite observable to all. It reminded me of my coaching experiences with children’s ministry leaders. They each represent a certain standard of growth before I get involved with them. However, after working with me a while, as their coach, they experience some new growth that becomes an extension of their former growth. This new growth in their leadership ability is also obvious to all who know them—especially, to those who are close enough to observe it.

So Here are a few of my observations about personal growth and leadership taken from a Pine Tree:

1. This kind of growth means the tree is healthy and flourishing.

2. New growth is a function of being connected to or built upon your past growth.

3. New growth is obvious and shows to those who take the time to observe it.

4. Just as spring is the season for new growth in evergreen trees, there might also a season involved in our personal leadership growth.

5. Extension growth (at the tips) is the preferred method for pine trees to grow. It is same for us, our personal growth protrudes forth from our existing base of ability, skills and gifts.

6. This growth was pervasive, in that, it was observable on the whole tree, not just a portion of it. The impact of our personal leadership growth should be all encompassing, in that, it should be visible in all of our life, not just the work portion of our life.

7. The source for this flourishing extension comes from within the tree, not external. So must the source of our growth be an expression from the core of our being, from who we are, not who we pretend to be.

8. How are you growing your eternal life? At first it was transformation, then it was by imitation and demonstration, now it could be motivation and extension. Maybe you realize, like me, that God is completing in us the work He has began.

Something to think about!


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