• How To Dunk A Cookie

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, November 14th, 2011

HOW TO DUNK A COOKIE, By Nancy Kannard

Read the directions first before performing this at home.

  1. First washing your hands (to the elbow) is recommended. Then one starts with a fresh cookie. (Recommended for this would be a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie rather than a boxed cookie or something of that sort. If you must cheat then I am sure Mrs. Fields is around the corner at the mall.)  Also you will need a glass of Milk (for best results use 2% or whole milk) and a thick absorbent napkin. (For those of you familiar with cookie dunking and are most skilled will have extra napkins “standing by” just in case and elbow gets in the way.
  2. You bite the cookie exactly 2/3 of the way down so that it has a nice moon-shaped bite in it.
  3. Then turn the cookie 180 degrees so it is now upside down and the cookie bite is pointing southward.
  4. Then, with the cookie in your right hand, pick up the glass of milk in you left hand. Very deliberately dunk the cookie down into the milk. You dunk should be deep enough that the cookie is completely submerged in the milk and so that the milk level rises. This is where it gets a little messy for you fingers but that never stopped you as a kid, did it?
  5. Then watch. The signal you are looking for are bubbles. If you have followed directions properly up to this point you will see bubbles coming up, up from the cookie at the bitten part. You wait, with cookie submerged until all the bubbles have ceased. This then is how you know that the cookie is “ready” and now saturated with milk.
  6. Very carefully and soon after all the bubbles stop, lift the cookie up between your fingers and put it in your mouth. This is where the freedom of choice comes in. You may choose to eat the entire thing or only half at this point it is up to your discretion but choose wisely for you do not want to have to practice the 30 second rule which is shorted to 3 if you have indoor pets. I must warn you that in using this method, it is perilous (at least to the cookie) to try a double dunk. One must realize, that a cookie in the hand is worth two on the floor. So dunk carefully.
  7. Then repeat the process, sitting around the table with your friends or family and tell jokes to each other. Especially, the ones who are only funny at the peak of “the sillies”

Blessing: May your cookie never crumble or fall in your glass. May your milk get eaten up before it goes sour and May your mother just have gone to Costco to buy napkins.

Let sweet times abound!

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