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Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, December 6th, 2010

Gift Box 01

Christmas Object Lesson This object lesson is a red decorated gift box that is 10 inches square. It is made of Coroplast or cardboard. (You can get Coroplast from a sign or banner-making store, it is used for yard signs.) Obviously, the square box has six sides all the same size. However, they are hinged together so that the top and the front side open forward (towards the audience) and the three other upright sides open out from the steady base on a ten-inch square table (see photo). The ten-inch tabletop allows the four sides to hang down, providing cover that you really have a cross. When the box is opened, it forms a cross, but really seen at first.

Velcro and glue ribbons to the outside of the box, so that they ends of the ribbon can be released from under the bow, which is centered on top. I use a bow with wire in it, so I can reshape the look of the bow. I use hot glue to attach the ribbon to the sides and bottom of the box. In laying out the box, before cutting, be sure that the ribs of the Coroplast or cardboard are running from the top to the bottom of the cross, this allows the box to be half hinged at the edges of the folds. It acts like a hinge, by only cutting partially (half way, not all the way through) at the folds (see photo). This means you need no colored duct tape or vinyl tape to attach the sides. You can do this, but it looks cleaner without it.

For a Christmas message idea….

Gift Box 02

The Greatest Gift message is from the 2 Cor. 9:15, which talks about the gift of God being indescribable.This gift is the best Gift. This Gift is so great, words fail to describe it. You might be speechless to describe it. Not every one can understand it. But I could try to show it to you. I have it right here. Would you like to see it? (They all agree, “Yes!”). Instead of showing them right away you continue to describe the gift more…this gift is just incredible. Not everyone can see it. It is not so obvious to all. However, if you see it, you might not believe it. And here it is…I have it right here. Would you like to see it? Do this a couple more times adding some further clues: i.e., You cannot buy it. It is not for sale. It is very valuable. Once you receive this gift, it will last a very long time. It is the very best gift you could possibly receive at Christmas.

Gift Box 03

So when they are frustrated enough that you have not shown them, begin opening it up. Open the ribbon going around the box first, from the back. Then open the back side next, it falls back. Then open the sides so they fall out. Next open the top, which falls forward. Finally it is open and you say, enthusiastically… “Do you see it?” Of course, they say “NO.” Not everyone can see it. You have to look closely…as they look. You slowly lift the back panel up, gradually revealing the box to be a Cross. “Do you see it yet?” (NO) How about now? (Ahhhh) They see it. Recap why this gift of Gift of Jesus dying on the cross is so important. The birth of Jesus was for a purpose…God loved us so much that He gave His only begotten Son (the greatest gift) for us, so that we could be with Him forever. So let’s remember this Gift was not cheap, but cost the life of Jesus for us, which is the greatest gift…indescribable! Have you received this gift yet?

Gift Box 04

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