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Posted by: kidhelper on Saturday, December 6th, 2008


Our Thanksgiving was really different this year. Some of my family went to Sacramento for a couple of days, while I stayed back and attended the Indonesian Retreat at Rancho Capistrano. It is a beautiful place near San Juan Capistrano, just below Orange County. The conference/retreat center is owned by Crystal Cathedral. This annual All-Church Family Retreat is sponsored by The Indonesian Evangelical Church from Azusa, California.

My assignment was to plan the fourteen hours for the children to compliment the concurrent adult program. So our task was to convert this child-care model to an exciting time of ministry for over 25 children. To accomplish this, I hired two of my favorite protege’s and …


We put our heads together and planned six fun sessions for the children. Livia Ko did an incredible job with the choreographed music, as we introduced many new songs and choruses that the children really enjoyed. Nancy Aposhian joined us to teach the continued missionary story on the life of Hudson Taylor. She had the children on the edge of their seats with anticipation of what would happen next to Hudson. Nancy also did the memory verse review and helped with the skill workshop. I brought a visual message using magic, ventriloquism, and object lessons. Further, we introduced theme crafts, games, snacks, and skills. The skill classes involved cup stacking (or speed stacking), how to use the Wordless Book Bracelet (which the kids made) and the new gospel Pocket Tool called the Flipper Flapper. Below you will see our costumes for our Friday Night Carnival theme, which worked out just fine. Kids loved it.


Starburst a.k.a. Nancy Aposhian and Yours Truly


Livia Ko and the Ring Master

The adults wanted us the participate in the closing session. We demonstrated a couple of songs that Livia taught the children. Parents loved it and the kids did such a good job. Further, we had the children demonstrate their skills with Cup Stacking. Four children came up, one was 6, one was 9, another was 10, and one was 11 years old. Each successfully performed different skills levels, all to the competition timer, to thunderous applause. It was such a great moment to showcase our efforts. It was another great time with children. Below, you can see the children performing. They ranged in ages from 4 to 11 years old.


However, the highlight for us was the three decisions to accept Jesus as Savior. Plus, the numerous other decisions that the children made to become a friend of Jesus by doing what he commanded, which was the content of our theme verse… “You are my friends,” said Jesus,”if you do what I command you.” (see John 14:15)

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