• It Was A Barrel of Fun!

Posted by: kidhelper on Tuesday, January 13th, 2009


This is a caricature drawing of my early children’s ministry, known as Barney’s Barrel. Yes, I actually wore the barrel into the meeting and rather humorously and I might add, ceremoniously, took it off in front the audience (of course, I had the girls close their eyes). The barrel became a stage prop, table and suitcase that featured all the visuals and magic tricks that I needed to teach the Scripture lesson to children.

This cartoon looking piece was drawn by Artist Bruce DayIt was presented to me as a gift of thanks for the children’s ministry performed at the Heights Evangelical Church in the eighties. This artwork captured the essence of what I was about as a Children’s Evangelist. This Barrel artwork became the “signature” drawing for many years. I was known for the telling of the old story of Barney’s Barrel, a story that I had heard as a child myself. Of course, I used the barrel to illustrate other messages as the years went by.

This drawing is offered here as part of the memory of great days past. I do not really use the barrel this way anymore, however, the passion for ministering to the kids has intensified. The vision is more focused to impart that same passion to others. Creatively evangelizing children and helping others to do the same. It is now time for another generation of leaders to rise to the challenge of reaching and teaching the next generation of children. It was a barrel of fun and it still is!

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