• Kiddo Puppets Go to Ecuador?

Posted by: kidhelper on Tuesday, October 30th, 2007


It started several years ago with my Puppet Seminar in Sacramento. Nan Osborn decided to come and got “Puppet Fever.” With this training she went back to her church and started a puppet team. She ordered Kiddo puppets and started her new ministry with children. As the years have gone by she has had award winning teams with these puppets. She has started several puppet teams. Then moved to Lincoln City, Oregon, where, you guessed it, she started another puppet program. This summer she was the Puppet Trainer for a short-term mission trip to Loja, Ecuador. She took our Kiddo Puppets for her Training Seminars and then left them with the missionaries and churches to use for outreach.

Nan just sent me this report…

“Our mission in Ecuador was very successful. My part with training a puppet team was so fun. I had about 60 people show up for training. Some curious and some for support, but all had to at least try on the puppets. We ended up with about 12 very good puppeteers. They gave a stellar performance in front of several hundred people in the large city park the Sunday before we left. The crowd didn’t want them to stop so they did each song 3 times. Now this first team is sharing with the neighboring church in Loja as they learn to do puppets. They shared their stage for their first performance. They have now taught them how to build their own stage. So….the beat goes on! Praise God!?”


This is Nan Osborn teaching some of the finer points of puppetry in her puppet workshop. Nan continues to tease me about all this “Puppet Fever” being all my fault for training her…”see what you started.” Well, yah…that’s what it all about, right?

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nan osborn Says:
November 2nd, 2007 at 5:48 pm

Gee, I’m a little overwhelmed! Cool!


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