• Kids Hear Gospel in Jail

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, March 17th, 2008


Are you serious? What do you mean kids hear the gospel in jail? That’s right, one team went to the Tijuana Jail to share with the inmates. About 250 men showed up for our services. The doctors came and set up shop, with their own medicines, ready to treat any who needed help. Food Crew set up to provide a hot meal for all who were with us. Then there were the children, not incarcerated, but there, none the less. You see, they come with their mothers to see their incarcerated fathers for a Saturday “Family Day” visitation.

We had a group of 120 traveling to Tijuana in three buses. We split up into four teams and went to five places. One team went to the La Mesa Jail, and the Camino Church, which was my team, composed of Doctors, nurses, speakers, musicians, food crew, and a children’s ministry team.


The Children’s Ministry Team set up in the new “fenced in” concrete slab. So when the children had gathered, my team was ready to lead them in some choreographed music. This was followed by a brief puppet show, and then I had an opportunity to share an illustrated Easter message with some gospel magic, which was followed by an invitation and prayer. This was followed by creative take-home theme crafts. It was a happy time. All together, in the four groups, a couple dozen children responded to the invitation that day. Here is one that prayed with me.


Here is the Tijuana Jail Team. It was a real pleasure to minister to so many inmates. God is at work in the jail system in Mexico. It is always a pleasure to have this opportunity to serve the Lord in this way. For some, we are the only visitors that come to see them. We are always so well received and our visits are appreciated. The jail personnel are always glad to see us and they extend every kindness to us.

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