• Leaders: Art of Restart

Posted by: kidhelper on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Leaders: Art of Restart

Because we work with people who sin, we understand something of the role of confession and forgiveness…this is a restart. For a person to put their life back together and move forward in right living, we extend some room to learn and some trial and error time.

In our leadership roles we should extend our selves this same wiggle room. When we stop doing what works, we go adrift, get stuck or stall out in our effectiveness.

It might just take time to relearn or recalibrate the way it went down. In short, it might take a restart—a second chance, if you will. Take a little time the let the error of your ways sink in, and then take steps to make it right. Most people respect someone who does, says or acts wrong, if they show they are learning, admitting error, asking for forgiveness, even repenting, taking some responsibility, attempting to change and/or make it right. Give your self this same courtesy, and try again.

There are some other words for restart, reset, reboot and a do over. They all involve doing it over from the beginning. For computers it is a reboot, for racing a restart, and for electricity turning it off and on again, is a reset. In cosmetology, they call it a do over. Much like our leadership Restarting is a function of getting a second chance, a makeover, right?

Here, I would like to remind you of at least Ten Areas in your leadership that might need a restart. Check it out…

1. Stop making a To-Do List. You can loose your focus. Start a new daily list, at least, you have direction. It is an easy restart.

2. Abandoning Personal Disciplines This will help us stay tuned in: for example: praying, reading the Bible and trusting God for the Big and little things every day.

3. Avoiding your Personal Retreat Days. We can just skip planning them and they we run adrift or get stuck in a sand bar.

4. Not working with an Open Calendar You can get a brain cramp by trying to keep your calendar in your head. Take a minute and reference your calendar every day to plan ahead.

5. Not allowing time for Reading, Rather than coasting on old thoughts, work harder to stimulating your mind with new ones. Reading one page a day works to get you restarted.

6. Not making time for Reflection and Thought about our plans and programs. This is like eating too fast and not taking time to enjoy it or savor the taste. Leaders take time to think and learn to value it.

7. Depending on your Speaking and not on our Writing. When I write what I think, I express myself much deeper than I represent myself speaking. Journaling one paragraph can help you restart. Write about your experiences.

8. Avoiding to Write out your Short-Term Goals. This can clarify your process and move you forward with a plan. You can restart with a clear goal and what it will take.

9. Refusing to make time to spend with trusted Friends, Mentors, & Coaches. This often adds objectivity and reality as friends have more permission to speak into our lives.

10.  Not taking responsibility for our own Recruiting and Delegating. Create a caring relationship, before you ask for any help. Reconsider you options, pray and trust your gut. Consider just how this person can be involved.

You have to refocus, learn from what you are doing and be willing to restart. Jesus is the Lord of Restart in your leadership too. Don’t drag your feet, take another step forward and up.

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