• Leadership: Investing #1

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, February 14th, 2011


Leadership Qualities: this is a new series to discuss some basic qualities of leadership and how it might apply to those in children’s ministry.

Investing  #1

Investing is a word that has many meanings.  Maybe exploring a few alternative meanings that might help us understand more options with the use of the word. Here a few:

1. Expending money with the expectation of a profit as a result of putting money into some financial plan.

2. Devoting ones time, effort or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.

3. To buy something whose usefulness will repay or exceed the cost.

We could explore more, but what do we notice from these examples…something given with the hope of some coming back in return. Investing is not just about money.

So if you invest in someone you give them something. But you are hoping that what you gave will have some impact or effect on them. Further, it would be nice if they offered you some feedback that it was helpful or important to them. It is possible to invest and you never know just how the investment turned out. Sermons or teaching can be like that. When investing in children, you may never really know what impact your investment had upon them. Years later you may learn of the return on your investment.

Leadership is about investing. Ministry is about investing. Family is about investing.  Relationships are about investing. Savings is about investing. Get it yet?

Investing is when you decide to make yourself and all you are available to others who need you and/or what you have to offer. When you invest the Word of God in someone’s life what would you expect to happen?

So being an intentional leader involves investing yourself. You have to take some risk to do this, but the rewards can be just amazing. When someone thanks you for your time, your effort, your listening, your words of encouragement and/or your prayers, this is one way to know that your investment is working for you and others who interact with you.

Be a leader who is an investor!

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