• Leadership: Recalculating

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Leadership: Recalibrating (Take a Good Hard Look and Adjust)

Every leader must learn to evaluate themselves and their ministry. This process can be both introspective and challenging. If you are part of a ministry that values an annual Performance Review, then you are familiar with being evaluating by another. However, there is nothing more invigorating than taking a good hard look at your own leadership and process. This is not so much about judging poor performance, rather, it is more about being challenged to learn from our past performance…then we can recalibrate!

Recalibrating is, in my opinion, an evaluation
process whereby we challenge ourselves to higher standards and set in motion the process of measurable goals to achieve a new standard of excellence.

So here is your challenge: Take a good hard look at these twenty questions to access if you might need some recalibration.

  1. Do you have a clear vision of what you are trying to accomplish in your children’s ministry?
  2. How would you evaluate your role as a team player with your senior staff?
  3. How intentional are you and your ministry to equipping your volunteers?
  4. How would you evaluate your ministry of discipleship and evangelism?
  5. How do your determine if your children’s ministry is growing?
  6. How would you evaluate your relationships with parents?
  7. What changes in the ministry have affected your ministry this year?
  8. What could you do this month that could raise the level of your ministry three months from now?
  9. How are you developing your delegation skills?
  10. How would you describe the balance between you family and your ministry?
  11. What would a larger budget allow you do better than where you are now?
  12. What do the numbers reveal about your program? (Head count and Data base)
  13. What did we do this last year that made a difference in our ministry?
  14. Were there any detractors or saboteurs at work in our ministry?
  15. What can I do this year to raise the children’s ministry to become more of a program priority?
  16. Are you planning farther ahead or are you caught up in the present?
  17. How contagious is the atmosphere in your programs?
  18. What progress are you making in your own leadership style?
  19. How accountable have you become to work on strategic areas?
  20. What changes are in process that could get away from you if you do not deal with them soon?

Yes, it is challenging to learn to improve on our previous efforts. To recalibrate we need to use some assessment skills to ask some tough debriefing questions. Make some adjustments to more forward and step up. Maintaining the status quo will leave us behind. Dig in! Go deeper!

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