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Posted by: kidhelper on Saturday, February 1st, 2014

In Torrance, CA there is this Tackle Shop that has this advertising slogan on their Signage: “We Make Fishing More Catching.” I have thought about this as a slogan for children’s evangelists. It has been my purpose to make fishing more catching. It is not my personal resolve to just “feed the fish.” After all Jesus said, “Follow me and I will make you, fishers of men.” For me, making you is equal to making fishing more about “catching.”

Therefore, any serious student of fishing soon becomes aware that certain methods seem to make fishing more about catching. Having a tackle box full of your best “top-notch,” “sure-fire” equipment, does not guarantee the well-intentioned fisherman will catch fish. Obviously, some technique and skill are required! However, having plenty of good tackle options, surely, could help. Having the right lure, for the right time, for the right fish is good fishing savvy.

We can take some lessons from fishing in Children’s Ministry. Our lures are the visuals aids that both teach and reach kids for Christ. Having a toolbox filled and ready for any time use is the issue of being prepared.

When I attend conferences and workshops on children’s ministry I usually make it my goal to learn about one new “lure” that I can take home to use in my ministry. You could acquire many more than one, for sure, but to master just one—the best one—is more challenging. (Rather than buying a lot and not using them.)

So let’s just check out some of our time-tested fishing lures. Adding these items to your Tackle Box is readiness for Fishing—Making Fishing More Catching!

1. Begin collecting a few really good object lessons you can use anytime, anywhere.

2. Put into your repertoire twelve awesome gospel magic tricks.

3. Learn and be prepared to sing six children’s choruses anytime.

4. Rehearse and be ready to tell six illustrated Bible Stories for children.

5. Have a least six good, clean jokes for children ready to share—whenever.

6. Learn a couple of routines that you can use by twisting balloons.

7. Build a collection of six “Droodles” that you can draw to engage the curiosity of kids.

8. Learn a couple of number puzzles that you can use with paper and pencil.

9. Collect a couple of pocket games that you can use anytime with kids.

10. Find and be ready to perform six pocket gospel magic tricks.

11. Learn one routine to use for a Peeper Finger Puppet.

12. Learn and master one coin trick that you can use anytime. (Scotch and Soda, French Drop)

13. Work on one-rope magic trick you can use anytime, anywhere.

14. Master the use of the Wordless Book and get a Flipper Flapper.

15. Get an EvangeCube in your repertoire.

Here is an issue! The diversity of “whiz-bang” lures in your Tackle box will not catch kids! You have to do that! Not every lure is good for every kid. You have to experiment with what works—when and were. Some lures are not Gospel lures—they are just effective attention getting lures that might always work for attracting kids. Some kids you attract will not be caught—someone else may get those. You have to ask God to lead you to the kids that He has prepared for you and then you get to select just the right lure to catch them for Jesus. Pray that you will catch these little wigglers!

Challenge: Here are some ways to acquire more expertise in your fishing by adding some lures to your tackle box. Add these and add some effective gospel lures (see Pocket Tools).

Let’s Make Fishing More Catching!

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