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Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Move the Rock

There is an amazing phenomenon that only occurs in Death Valley. On Racetrack Playa, one can find sliding rocks on the riverbed. There seems to be no apparent explanation  how these heavy rocks move along the dry parched ground. These rocks leave a rutted trail like they were pushed or pulled along the surface (as in the above photo).

The Playa Racetrack Riverbed is really isolated, the playa (dry lake bed) about 3 miles long and 2 miles wide. At least 10,000 years ago this region underwent climatic changes resulting in cycles of hot, cold and wet periods. As the climate changed, the lake evaporated and left behind beige colored mud, at least 1,000 feet thick. It is an extremely hot spot in Death Valley. Few tourists actually go there. Those who do, try to explain this apparent mystery. However, it is reported that no one has ever seen these rocks move, but it appears obvious that the rocks do move, because of the trails left behind. So there are many theories (or guesses) as to how this happens.

One of the explanations, that seem to make more sense to me, is rain or winter water run off accumulates at the south end of the riverbed. The desert winds can blow the water into the empty portions of the riverbed, making a slippery muddy surface that allow the rocks to move when hard 50+ mph winds blow through the valley. Another theory involves that same water that freezes under the rocks and the strong winds propel the rocks along the surface on ice. However, the rocks can go in every direction (East, West, South and North), even changing directions. Also there are all sizes of moving rocks, from under a pound to over a hundred pounds. Since we have no recorded sightings of the rocks actually moving, all this remains a mystery to explain.

One thing is clear the rocks move, unseen, and the evidence of their moving is very visible. This obscure movement is quite behind the scenes and the rocks are found “stopped in their tracks” in the daylight drought.

I like to use this phenomenon to explain the leadership practice of working behind the scenes to “move the rock.” When a good leader takes a “studied approach” to their Children’s Ministry, things are prepared and thought through behind the curtain of public attention, but when finally unveiled, at just the right moment, people might just be surprised at the results. Many may never know what it really takes to make things work, but the private preparation can be showcased dramatically, leaving a huge impression!

You can actually “Move the Rock” in your Ministry by your “diligent private” preparation. So Moving the Rock might mean…

  1. The more complex your project or program becomes the more it demands organization and advanced preparation. This really is a function of good paper work, goals, charts, checklists, “to do” lists, and planning.
  2. Being willing to remove yourself to allow for time to really pray and prepare.
  3. Thinking out of the box, looking at alternatives, solving problems, taking some counsel, working with a coach.
  4. No one is privy to your private process, until they see your ministry unfold. They might applaud your effort. Then you can take the bow, and give the Lord some credit.
  5. We all know that relationships, recruiting, training, organizing and scheduling is the real Admin work of the Kidmin. Just do it!
  6. You might just “Dazzle Yourself” sometime with your public success, but you really know the hard work is your preparation.
  7. Understand the principle: “Your private preparation will get public demonstration.”

Moving the Rock might mean that God adds His unique blessing that exceeds your best efforts. But I have noticed that His miracles are added on top of your obscure, but intentional, behind the scenes process.

Challenge: Leave your followers wondering just how you “Moved the Rock!” Wait until they notice. Then, it’s our secret!

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