• Moving Forward, & Backing Up

Posted by: kidhelper on Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Would you believe it? I am making progress one step at a time? This reminds me of the dance lessons my wife and I had to take so we could dance at the weddings of our children. Progressing around the room with deliberate steps forward and back. In early February, I went to the Apple Store and purchased my first back-up hard drive to finally back up my data. I was able to solve this problem with a reasonable cost (much cheaper than I anticipated). So recently, I happily backed up all my 12 GB of data, photos and writing projects. I used Time Machine for the first time and learned more about how it worked. This opened another door to discover just what else my My MacBook Pro could do.

I have more than one friend who have been prevailing upon me to “back up.”

So with these insistent voices in my head, I “backed up” everything. Time Machine not only backs up your data, but will continue to back it up every hour, if you want. I discovered that it keeps older copies of previously back up data and the new version too. So I can even retrieve old copies of data, not just the current ones. This accumulative effort is kind of like an evolution of the document. Hence, the title, Time Machine. Once before, I had lost all my data when my hard drive crashed a few years ago. I had experienced that pain. I have not forgotten the great inconvenience that experience brought into my daily life. I really did not quite understand that the cost of external hard drives has been coming down and a “back-up” fix was not that expensive, after all.

So I am now making “forward” progress, while “backing up.” It is not really “fancy footwork,” but it is progress, just the same. Yep, I took the “next step” to “back up.” I now recommend it. Have you “backed up” lately?

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