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Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, March 21st, 2011


Kids Love This Bible…The Awesome Bible Storybook

This new 416-page Bible Storybook helps parents, grandparents, and teachers explain God’s Word in all its fullness. From Genesis to Revelation, My Awesome God Bible Storybook invites readers, young and old, to discover that God is truly awesome!

My Awesome Bible Storybook was just released the first of this year by Through the Bible Publishers, the parent company of DiscipleLand. It covers over 200 Bible stories that are retold for Preschoolers  by Mark Steiner and wonderfully illustrated by Rob and Camille Lassetter. The Bible stories have been carefully selected and tastefully retold with the Preschooler in mind. Parents will love this edition because each story contains a two page treatment, with narrative and artwork that dramatically compliments each other. Further, each story has an inductive question that reflects on some attribute of God’s character that this story illustrates.

Continue here to see my comments by way of review…Careful attention has been paid to illustrate each lesson with detail that is appealing to the young hearers and learners. Every parent will find this Bible Storybook especially easy to read and easy to do some “show and tell” exercises with each lesson. If readers will read the stories with expression, pausing to point out the fun and cleaver details in the illustrations, they will be sure to engage the children to learn. Asking the focus question at the end of each story will be help underline the meaning of the story. Each story highlights a character trait of God, the Big Idea of the story  is summarized and an inductive question helps the child in discuss and apply the lesson of the story.

I especially like the glossary and index in the back of the book. This is not so much for the children as it is for the adult reader: i.e., teacher, parent, grandparent. Another thing that is unique about this Bible Story Book is the way it is integrated with curriculum from DiscipleLand. It is totally compatible with illustrations and narratives that are taught elsewhere in the Christian Education curriculum available for the children’s ministry in the church. When add to all this a reasonable price of $19.95 this is a deal. My Awesome Bible Storybook is a serious contender for the Preschool Reader. In my opinion this is the Preschool Bible I recommend. Buy every Preschooler in your program this Bible Storybook. You can buy them individually for $3 off each or  by the case (16 books) for 25% off.  Just click on the DiscipleLand Banner on the right sidebar for your order.  DiscipleLand will ship  your Awesome Bible Storybook to your church or your home.



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