• My Floral Bouquet #3

Posted by: kidhelper on Saturday, November 3rd, 2007


This beautiful tree blossom photo was taken on my second trip to Estonia, in the city of Viljandi. They were in full bloom in the middle of the summer. It is unknown to me what kind of tree formed these delicate pedals dancing with the breeze. I was immediately struck by their clustering together. But upon closer look, I saw the obvious individual effort of each blossom…

Each making room for itself by stretching its best posture towards the sun. At times, in my ministry with large groups of children, the children appear to me as flower clusters. It is easy in group ministry to deal with children assuming that they are all the same. However, upon closer inspection their individuality is revealed.

I believe that all children, individually, have the ability and freedom to create their own relationship with Jesus. Even though it is great to work with large groups or clusters of kids, it is more wonderful to recognize just how unique and special each child is to Jesus. Each child can have their own recognition with the Son. Like tree blossoms, individual children make up the whole of a group’s identity. We need never loose sight of the individual’s effort to also reach for the Son.

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