• My Floral Bouquet #7

Posted by: kidhelper on Friday, December 7th, 2007


This floral specimen is one of my favorites…a rose. I did not have to travel far to find this one, I found it in my own backyard. I call this one my “Sunny Rose.” The center of the rose is yellow, and the ends of the pedals are red…a pretty rose by most standards and fragrant too. However, one day, I noticed this rose had an brighter yellow center. Upon closer examination I noticed that the Sun was hitting the rose bud from behind. It was just the right position. The Sun shone brightly right through the yellow center, radiating a Sun bright yellow presence.

This rose is just like the Christian…

I am reminded just how the Christian is to allow Christ to be the center of their lives. Jesus reveals Himself through us. He presence radiates out from us, at our core, for all to see. Any beauty in us, is only enhanced by the presence of the Son shining through us, especially, if we make the necessary adjustments in our lives. Others can observe that we are different, because He can be seen in us. Do others see Christ radiating through you?

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