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Posted by: kidhelper on Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

fcm-logo_03.jpgIn the late 60’s I found out about a group of gospel magicians who were meeting monthly in Long Beach. I was a Children’s Pastor at the time at Torrance First Baptist Church and started attending this monthly group. Then I found out they were a Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, so I joined. Every month the senior members of the group, mostly retired, took turns in bringing a free gospel-magic trick that they made, giving them away to members of the club. They also had a teach time where these tricks were featured. They were a very friendly group, everyone was welcome, even kids came. Everybody brought something to share that they were working on. We taught each other. They also maintained a Library of gospel books and resources for the members. So every month I would get a new magic trick and a new library book to work on. That’s how my magic repertoire began to grow. I continued doing this until the group dissolved, some moved, some died and some just lost their way through too much going on.

After those five years…

I moved to La Mirada and formally launched my itinerant evangelistic children’s ministry using magic, that I learned from FCM. Then in the 70’s I heard that some of the former Long Beach group moved and started a new chapter that met in Anaheim. I joined them again and we continued the same traditions. A new magic trick, teach time and another book. It was so fun then. During this time I became a student of gospel magic and worked on the Trick Brain Course with David Cossa, a new Christian in the group, who was an avid student of magic since his childhood. He needed help with the message (which I had training in) and I needed help with Magic (which he had great experience). We worked on magic projects together for several years. Then that group dissolved.

I was missing the magic input, so in the 90’s I started another magic group in La Mirada, CA which continued the same traditions, this time I was the leader. However, we were not officially connected the National FCM work then. I could not get the regional person to help us get it going, He was not interested in forming chapters, so we just continued to meet, unsanctioned, until a few of the leaders moved and I began working with Luis Palau in 1999 and I could not be the leader anymore. This group dissolved.

I met Kif Anderson at a Long Beach Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Saturday morning workshop. I was leading a Gospel Magic class on the Trick Brain. There were only four who attended, if I remember correctly, I do not remember who the others were, right now. Kif encouraged me to attend the LAFCM meeting at the Magic Castle in Hollywood and teach my Trick Brain Workshop there too. So I did, that was the first time I came to the LA Chapter. I have been coming ever since. I have held several offices on the Board of Directors, Vice President of Programming, Treasurer and even President, when I filled in for a sudden vacancy of our leader. It has been a great source of encouragement for magical and ministry interests. I now enjoy helping the younger members of the group, just as others helped me.


For the last four years I have been on the leadership team for the Los Angeles FCM Club. I will be stepping down from leadership, the Board, that is to being just a regular member. I will still be actively involved, but not on the Board, for the next two years. So, for me, this photo is the last Board Meeting of the year. Our December meeting will elect new officers. This team will change. Pardon, this emotional moment!

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