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I was so excited to have this photo taken with Luis Palau in 1998 at the first NGA Gathering.

What is the Next Generation Alliance? It is a group of evangelists that Luis Palau Evangelistic Association has called together to perpetuate the work and ministry of proclamation evangelism for the future generation. The Palau organization has gained years of experience and expertise in evangelism. They determined that they would, annually, pull together others in the field and help them with the future of their evangelistic work. So it is their purpose to perpetuate the cause of evangelism by investing in the ministry of younger leaders who could carry on this ministry. I attended my first NGA gathering in Portland, Oregon in the spring of 1998. Since that time I have made an annual trek to participate.

Every time I have gone…

God has used these events to lead me into new adventures, even overseas. Because of my ministry focus on Evangelistic Rallies and Crusades with Children, I was asked if would help the Palau team with their campaigns in the state of Maine. Mission Maine was a saturation evangelism model. We concentrated on mobilizing and reaching Maine for a whole year. I became one of the Crusade Directors to prepare for the six Kid’s Celebrations, then I came the last time as the Evangelist and those I trained were my team.

By the Spring of 1999, I was able to conduct six-city wide campaigns called Kids Celebrations, held in conjunction with Luis Palau’s Mission Maine. This was the beginning of my Ring Master outfit. The subtitle theme for these Celebrations were titled, Under Barney’s Big Top.

What a great time I had with the Palau Team. I was, without a doubt, a highlight of my evangelistic career serving with Palau in Maine. God honored all of my work. Many children were reached and many church leaders were trained in the work of evangelism.

For additional information about the NGA go here

“After more than 35 years of mass evangelism, I believe the task of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ is more urgent than ever. Hundreds of millions have never heard about the cross of Christ and His saving work. In obedience to the Great Commission, we need to do everything we can to reach them with the Good News of forgiveness and eternal life.” – Luis Palau

Let’s work together! That’s the rally cry that gave birth to Next Generation Alliance® in 1998. Working together and sharing the resources God has entrusted to the Luis Palau Association is multiplying the impact of many evangelists throughout the world.

One organization can only do so much. One evangelist can only reach so far. Even with the great success God has given the Palau Association, we still need to look for ways to multiply our efforts. We need more workers to reach our hurting world.

The goal of the Palau Association’s Next Generation Alliance® is to encourage and equip a new generation of evangelists. NGA plans and coordinates outreach initiatives throughout the world and invites its network of evangelists to take part. In addition to the proclamation of salvation, the evangelists are given a chance to learn from others as well as train the local community of believers in evangelism.

“We hold high the banner of biblical evangelism…raising up a new generation of godly leaders…so that the Church’s commitment to evangelism will never die.” Director of NGA, Tim Robnett.

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