• Photo Challenge: Week Four

Posted by: kidhelper on Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Summer Photographic Challenge: Week Three

It has been fun to press in on learning more about photography and my camera. Here are the four shots I submitted this last week.

Artie, the Artichoke

Artie, the Artichoke is front and center. Displayed with his Kin, this family shot is such a study of composition with light focused on Artie. You must know, Artie has gone to the pot, cooked with a hint of lemon and a splash of salt, boiled to perfection. Artie, has a good heart! Yummers!

There are three more shots, if you are interested…

Bananas Anyone?

Just had to take this shot of small bananas at Casa de Fruita on the Pacheco Pass. I liked the arrangement and the juxtaposition of colors and shapes. Care for a banana? You might want two, they are really small.

Commitment Starts with Prayer

Despise not the Day of Small Beginnings. Here, leader from India and our Pastor William Ankerberg, publically commit our ongoing involvement with our mission work in India. This is the missionary that I have served with in all three of my trips to India. I hope to return this fall. This shot was taken only with stage lights during a worship service at Whittier Area Community Church. God is doing great things in India.

God’s Glory on His Church

This was quite an accidental moment just to catch this alignment of rising sun casting a shadow on Fremont Presbyterian Church. Taken at 9 am on a cloudless morning. I was the guest speaker for VBS at this church. The church is quite tall and prominent compared to the trees.


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