• Role of Lingering

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, July 5th, 2010

Jesus lingering with Kids

The Role of Lingering

One of the ways to get return engagements is to “linger” after you finish your performance. Lingering is not “loitering” or wasting time, as in being lazy. It is rather, deliberately waiting, not rushing away.  It is involves making “yourself available” for something. For me, it is tarrying for some opportunity to minister and/or make some relational connection.

As a minister, it might mean being one of the last to leave. For me, it means remaining to allow opportunity for leaders, families and kids to approach me. Often when I stay longer, I experience the reason for my coming, quite beyond my platform ministry. This way you can allow for something to happen by not leaving too quickly. I am not suggesting that you become the last to leave, but rather, avoid being the first to leave, i.e., not speak and go! There are exceptions for this, but they should be that—exceptions.

I have used this lingering technique for many years. As soon as my performance is over, after I pack up, I try not to leave too quickly. I go back to the venue, look around, find people and greet them. I find it helpful to linger, not in any intrusive way. It can help you get feedback. People can ask you questions. You can make new contacts and begin new relationships. In general, be available and friendly to the people, you know, “meet and greet.”

Your promotion might get you the meetings, but it is your work on relationships that will bring you back. So lingering can become part of your marketing strategy. Those who invite speakers are more prone to invite you back once you create a relationship with them, particularly, if they like you and your ministry.

So when I am doing a camp, I will stay for the whole camp. Doing a VBS, I will attempt to be involved for the whole week, or the duration of the morning that I speak. If they have not made the invitation ahead of time, they might then, invite you to eat with them, especially the ethnic churches. This is good for relationship building. It is my policy to make room for this possibility. My wife might say, “When will you be back?” I usually say, “If they invite to eat with them, I will stay longer. I will call you and let you know!” I like to try their food and show genuine interest in them and their culture.

Somehow, I can see Jesus lingering to allow the children to come to Him. Try it, you might find that this lingering technique can work for you too.

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