• What’s a Seagull Manager?

Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Seagull Manager

Seagull Manager From Middle English gull, aquatic bird: and Italian  maneggiare, to manage 1. A hasty boss who interacts with employees only to criticize or “fix” their work, of which he or she knows very little about. 2. The antithesis of a micromanager. Usage: Coined by leadership expert Ken Blanchard in his best selling book The One Minute Manager, the term refers to a manager who swoops in, makes a lot of noise, dumps on everything, and then flies off, leaving employees to clean up the mess.

Example: “My seagull manager just trashed my desk and my project, even though upper management already signed off on it. What a mess!”


From Spirit Lexicon, Entry 511, Southwest Airline’s Spirit Magazine, May 2011, page 58

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