• Six Resource Centers for India

Posted by: kidhelper on Friday, March 25th, 2011

Six Kid-Helper Resource Centers for India

Here I am pictured with the Six Kid-Helper Resource Centers, boxed ready to ship for India. Six Cities have been slated as the recipients of these Gospel Resources. This Resource Lending Library  will enable local evangelists to share the gospel with villages in isolated places where there are virtually little or no resources available.

The overwhelming need for such resources became clear to me as a result of three short-term Kid Mission Trips to India in the last four years. We have way too many options for resources here in the United States. However, overseas the need is just incredible—in many places there are no resources at all. And yet, there are thousands of unreached children, who would respond if trained leaders were able to use attractive visual aids to win them. We know we cannot solve this global problem, but in a few isolated places we can make a big difference. By this way of sharing resources we can reach more children with less cost per conversion, and sustain gospel outreach with nationals that know the language and the culture.

This is a harvest strategy that has great potential.

Specified local leaders will able to check out gospel resources, use them, return them and check out something else. More people will be able to use the resources and more people could be reached by mutually sharing the resources. To manage these resources, a leader will be designated as the KHR Librarian and/or guardian. This person will oversee the checking out and checking in of the resources allowing for others to use them.

Vision for this Kid-Helper Resource Center began over 6 years ago, when I began to observe, first hand, how little resource many ministries to children really had to work with in various countries. Now seven years later, with a new resource company, committed leadership  we are building a long-term commitment to provide quality resources for qualified leaders and ministry in remote places. The idea has grown and is still growing. As our product inventory grows, so will our ability to provide these tested gospel resources to strategic locations with select leaders who qualify.

This is the time to pray for these initial boxes of gospel resources, that they will be useful in the right hands and that they will go where needed most. Further, we have to raise all the money needed to accomplish this vision of Free resources for reaching and teaching the children. If you are interested in helping with these Resource Centers, kindly let me know and we would be glad to work out a way for your funds to help us reach the kids. We are serious about trying to make a difference. Please join us in providing these resources for the salvation of children. Thanks

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