• Small Bites, Bigger Meals?

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, January 10th, 2011

Burger Bites

Small Bites, Bigger Meal? It was the idea that appealed to me. So if you eat smaller bites, that would mean it would take longer to eat, right? So if endure smaller bites you might be able to eat more? How about eating less, more slowly, with smaller bites, more often?

Does this eating model apply to digital data? I am getting to clue (from some of you students) that you really prefer smaller bites of information, as opposed to the bigger data meal, all at once. It seems to me that our school systems have given the whole course in a condensed time, rather that a little bite here and a little bite there. See what you think about this…

What about the Free-Sample Approach to digital data, where you present a teaser bite? Then, if there is further interest you just “one click” for more. This way you can respond selectively from samples on the digital buffet. You adjust the collected portions on your plate as you are hungry or you could use the just “try it” option.

How about the Binge Feed-Bag Approach to digital data, where you strap the whole data load in your face? Too much—too much all at once. Data overload here, more than you ever wanted to know, or even want to know.

How about the Meat and Potatoes Approach? This is just the basics—no extras. Just enough for some to get by, nothing fancy and surely just plain, cut the fat, get to the point, just the facts approach.

How about Gourmet-Meal Approach, just the best quality, no fillers, good content. However, it is the presentation that matters most. You see, “presentation is everything,” but smaller portions, creative touches. You could get a full-course meal, but it is how it is served up that counts. It is about quality of data, not quantity of data. You might call it Designer Data!

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