• Starlight Popsicles

Posted by: kidhelper on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Starlight Popsicles! Great Ideas for Papa to make for the Grand Kids

I ran across this nifty set of six Star-handled Popsicles. The brand name is Starlight, by Claris. I get them at a Dollar Tree. They are not very big. I figured they could be a taste threat to offer my grand kids when they come over. I have decided to be on a quest for things that my grand kids could enjoy that would be unique to me—things they only could enjoy when they come over to our house.  Which also means, they do not have this treat at their house. However, as I pursue this, word is getting out what I have, and my children are wanting to incorporate my fun ideas for themselves at their own home. Boo. So the quest continues, I will keep trying to add to the specialness of being a grand parent. You can also find my other ideas on www.pinterest. Oh did I tell you, I bought it for One Dollar!


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