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Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, August 20th, 2012

The fifth in a series that will attempt to help you deal with some of the issues you face in relating to various constituents in your children’s ministry.

#5. Focus on the Janitor

Having a significant relationship with the church custodian cannot really be overstated. I was a summer custodian in a very large church and it changed my perspective. I became much more sensitive about this position as a result. I noticed, no matter how good a job I did, I still had too many “bosses” who critiqued my weekly performance. It is really important for you to maintain a supportive relationship with this person. You might need favors, so be intentional about maintaining a good relationship. It will pay many dividends over time. You want this person on your team.

Here are my Ten Tips on “How To” sharpen Your Focus on the Janitor

1. Take time to appreciate the work this person does for the children’s ministry.

2. When planning events that use the spaces he cleans and sets up for you, be sure to include him in the planning early on, so he is more prepared to serve you, almost unnoticed.

3. Engage the Janitor in conversation so you have an opportunity to hear his supportive efforts and his passion to serve the Lord and the church, and in particular your children’s program.

4. Show the Janitor respect and ask for his help, don’t demand it. Be quick to notice how much he is doing for you, and slower to advise him what needs correcting or improved.

5. Create a “normal” use set-up diagram for each room used on Sunday mornings. If your facility is used as a school during the week, that set-up might need another diagram. Event planning might require another set up diagram “custom made” for the event.

6. Write out special procedures so the Janitor knows what you want him do and how often, like cleaning the preschool department. This should be very different the Children’s Church room.

7. Go out of your way to give thanks verbally and with tangible notes and gifts. A little appreciation goes a long way in maintaining the janitor’s support.

8. Supplement the Janitor’s work, by organizing a clean up crew of assist with chairs and debris pick up after an event. Pick your events here, especially the bigger events—those that especially have more impact on his job.

9. Be more mindful of late meetings and back-to-back meetings using the same facilities. Also offer help with last minute requests and events requiring longer hours to get the job done.

10. Train your CM leadership team to bring their facility issues with the Janitor to you, because you have this relationship that matters. This will mitigate his having too many bosses in your department.

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