• The Great INEQUITY

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, March 14th, 2011


The Great Inequity

From my travels outside of the United States I have discover a Great Inequity. Ninety-Five percent of the children of the world do not live in the United States. That means only five percent of the world’s children live here. However, of all the resources that are available to reach and teach children Ninety-Five percent of the resources are only available for the Five Percent that live here. The rest of the world’s children are without. This is the Great Inequity!

I know that my ministry will never be able to solve this problem, it is just too enormous. However, I have determined to do something about it, maybe in a small way, but non-the-less a very intentional way. For sometime now, I have a growing passion to work with few select persons to establish Kid-Helper Resource Centers in various countries that I have visited. The Resource Centers will house the gospel resources that would be useful for children’s leaders to reach and teach children in places were resources are almost non-existent.

These Centers will be like a Lending Librarywhere qualified leaders can check out gospel resources, use them in their ministry and return them for others to use. They will be managed much like a library, with a manager and a check out system. Only those trained may use them, as some items require some skill and training. We will only place these Resources Centers in strategic locations with close supervision and required training.

In working our contact in India, we have determined that our first Six Kid-Helper Resource Centers will be going to India by ship container the first of April. Currently, Michael La Fond and I are working hard to gather the resources for these first six Centers to be ready for shipment. We are getting ready to seal the boxes. It is about to happen. However we could use some financial resources to help make purchasing all these resources possible.

This is the vision we have for making a difference in a few select places to reverse this unjust and unfair inequity. I challenge you to help us distribute these powerful gospel resources into the hands of nationals who are willing and able to reach children. They can go where we cannot go. Let’s do together what neither of us could do alone. Please be willing to pray and give to make these gifts possible.

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