• The Missing Puzzle Piece?

Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Many of us have had the experience of working on a large puzzle for hours only to find towards the end that one piece is missing to complete the puzzle. The picture is incomplete without that one piece. But where is it? You might look everywhere, only to conclude that it can’t be found.

Well, I found the missing piece…


On my recent short-term Panama-Kid Mission, our team visited China Town in Panama City. Right there in the street I found the proverbial “missing puzzle piece.” There it was, lying right there in the street. When I saw it, I said to my friends, “I found the missing piece!” So I took this picture of it, to verify that the missing puzzle piece had been found. There you have it, the one missing piece. So next time, when I am working on a large puzzle and come up short, one piece, you can say, Barney found it in Panama.

I think that World Missions is a lot like a huge puzzle, for the whole picture to come together we need the contribution of all the parts. I believe God is orchestrating the parts to get His Kingdom established. He calls upon Christians, everywhere, to do their part to participate in His plan for the nations. There are the senders, those who pray and give. There are the goers or guests, those who speak the message. Further, there are receivers of our ministry, those who believe and receive the message. Each plays a vital part in completing the global missions puzzle. We all need to do “something” to make it all work, no spectators wanted.

So when “one” person is missing from the picture, the visible result is incomplete or lacking. I am gaining more perspective and awareness on how important each piece of the mission puzzle works. This is because I am taking more mission trips. A lot of things have to come together to make every mission trip to work.

I keep wondering if someone is missing from joining me in all this Kingdom work. Maybe someone is not financially supporting me, when I am willing to go with the message. Maybe someone is not interceding in prayer for my missionary work to the children. It can make a difference in the outcome.

Are you the missing someone? Are you the “missing piece” of the Global Mission Puzzle? Let me know how you want to help.

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