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Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Turkey Felts

Our annual Thanksgiving Habit is go to the mountains with family and friends for a few days together. We have continued this get-away tradition for many years. It has become one of our most significant family customs, probably more important to the family than Christmas. That having been said, I think it is because we have most of the week to be together, we just drop out of our routines for this commitment. We have always tried to make the time for activities and interaction with each person that comes. Lots of sharing, talking, eating, sleeping, recreation, resting, reading, games, watching tennis, shopping (you have to have a little of this), and of course, my Turkey lesson.

We stopped going to the mountains for awhile, and the family began to complain about missing our well established family tradition. When we returned to this tradition, I thought the family probably had enough of Turkey Visual Aid, so I did not bring it one year. To my surprise the family complained and insisted that I bring back next year. So I got the message and now we have the Turkey Felts back again.  I have previously posted about the Turkey Felts. (See http://www.kidhelper.com/?p=369)

Now we are experiencing the grand children learning about our mountain get-away traditions. This year we were able to have all  eight grand kids in the mountains. So they got to experience the Turkey Visual presentation.  Trying to make it all interesting for the family has become our main concern. Having plenty of fun and having meaningful things to do is important. So we read books, play games, take walks, make desserts, make crafts, posing for photos, and taking turns with the children, so parents get a break. Now we take turns being in charge of all three meal preparations. Those who prepare do not have to clean up, so others volunteer to make that happen.

Probably, the most significant custom we have maintained to this day, is the individual sharing of what we are the most thankful from the previous year. This is usually shared after the Turkey presentation with the kids. We are always amazed at the depth of sharing by the family over the years. It is very meaningful.

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