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Posted by: kidhelper on Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Training Wheels

When Do the Training Wheels Come OFF?

We all have experienced the joy of when the parent takes off the training wheels and we get to pedal the bike all on our own. So what happens when a person grows up depending on the training wheels and cannot let them go? We observe this in adults and think it is kind of funny (like the photo). It is like we have become dependent upon them in order to function.

I just love it when a student begin to master a new skills and try it on their own, i.e., what they have been learning, so that they enjoy some independence. It is true, just like the training wheels, when we needed the additional support, it was there for us. However, knowing when to work our ministry with the confidence and skills that we have learned is such a visual for our mastery and for our newly found expertise.

When do you know when to take the wheels off?

Here are a few of my thoughts…

1. When you repeatedly have been successful with guidance and you face a challenge to do those same skills without guidance.

2. When there is an opportunity that integrates all the things you have been learning and coaching is not available.

3. When our skills overwhelms the pull of gravity and balance.

4.  When you clearly have more experience than those around you and you have a chance to step up and show what you got.

5. When freedom and independence become more important that security and dependence.

6. When others think it is “funny,” having someone hold us or be our safety net. At some point “mastery” is the issue.

7. When you actually surpass the influence of your coach.

“The ultimate leader is not afraid to develop people to the point they surpass him or her in knowledge and ability.” – Fred A. Manske, Jr.

Training Wheels Set

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