• Visiting the Grand Kids

Posted by: kidhelper on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011


Visiting the Grand Kids

Looking at this photo reminds me of all the reasons I am enjoying being a grand father. Such life, such joy and such potential. You know when they tell me how much they love me, i believe them. Such love I have for them. I really want to be an engaged, a connected, and an involved grandpa. I have this opportunity to share with them my love for God and how He has been so faithful to me in my life and ministry. I have eight grand kids now, but these four live in Baltimore, MD. Although I cannot visit them as much as I would like, we are continuing to search out ways to get together as much as possible, even for short visits. My  other four grand kids live in California and the youngest of those, i get to see on some regular basis, because they live close by us in La Mirada, CA

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