• What Is a Trysting Place?

Posted by: kidhelper on Friday, April 22nd, 2011

What’s A Trysting Place?

It is a place that is quite special. Historically, it was a place where two lovers would meet, out of the way, kind of remote—where they might steal away to rendezvous at the appointed time. You could interpret this as an romantic affair, which is what our culture could interpret the idea of a tryst.

However, today we could say a Trysting Place is not so much a secret place as it is a hiding place. But you would still go there by appointment only. It might be stretch for the Christian to redefine a trysting place as a place where we make an appointment and meet with God. For us, to spend deliberate time with God, it could also require a serious effort to make the appointment. Further, it could require a deliberate choice of a designated place for prayer and devotion, a place to transact important business, to get some instruction or direction, a place of worship, if you please.  These two elements (a set time and a set place) are both required to spend a day away with God. I have found that if I do not set a time and a place, this discipline does not work.

Where do you find a Trysting Place?This place could be the base of a special tree, someone’s empty cabin, a mountaintop with a panoramic view,  a remote cave, an ocean beach or isolated lake front, a trail head, a prayer chapel, an empty church camp, a little church sanctuary,  or your very own closet. As I said, the same important issues are  the appointment for two and a designated place for two—you and the Lord.

This speaks of your personal discipline of spending a day with God. My Trysting Place (shown above) is located at Forest Home Christian Camp in front of the Lake View Chapel.

Where is your Trysting Place? Find one!


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