• A Church with Closed Doors?

Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, March 30th, 2008


That’s Right! Whittier Area Community Church closed it’s doors this weekend. The doors are closed because it is Serve Weekend. This is now the third annual Serve Weekend where the whole congregation is encouraged to show love and compassion to others by practical service projects in our communities.


The mission of Serve Weekend is to reach out in the name of Jesus to encourage and uplift the community in which we live. On March 29 and 30, 2008, we closed the doors of Whittier Area Community Church and worshipped God by serving others. WACC attempted to meet the tangible needs in our community by serving in over 100 different projects of need.

So over 100 projects were organized…

Over 1,000 signed up to help with these projects in the community. Seniors, parents, youth and children all pitched in to make a difference. What a time!



This year WACC has served the homeless, elderly, schools, the City of Whittier, parks, cancer patients, families with AIDS, the military, fireman, women and men in recovery, and all were people in our area with tangible needs.


We will also be demonstrating acts of kindness to encourage and uplift others in our community. Here, one team came on Saturday and prepared this house for painting, and on Sunday another team came and painted the whole house.


I liked what John Ed Mathison said…

“People visit and evaluate a church from the perspective of what that church has to offer. But we experience the abundant life when we exercise our gifts through humble service to God. We don’t go to church with a bib, waiting to be fed; rather, we go with an apron, ready to serve.”


The scale of our work this weekend is immense: through our project leaders and volunteers, about 10,000 man-hours of work will be getting done over the next 36 hours. This is equivalent to one person working full-time for five years!


So our church’s children got to experience this too! Is this incredible or what? Many whole families served together! This is a church with a vision to Follow God and Love People


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