• What Stepping UP Means

Posted by: kidhelper on Thursday, October 27th, 2011

What Stepping Up Means!

Stepping UP is the concept in leadership that involves moving forward, but exerting more than normal walking energy to lift that other foot higher. It involves taking that extra effort to raise your game to another level. This can occur when people enhance the productivity of their existing activities and assets through investments in new assets. It might go beyond your comfort zone, initially, but once you have taken that new step up, you can get used to being on another level. Then the new challenge will be—how to take another step up.

So in Children’s Ministry just how does this work? What are some of the indicators that one is taking the ministry to another level by stepping up? Well, here are my sixteen thoughts that unpack what Stepping Up Might Mean For You.

1. Stepping Up usually involves trying something new, maybe just adding that new creative touch to something that already exists.

2. Stepping Up could involve giving more energy, instead of playing it safe and coasting with business as usual.

3. Stepping Up could involve taking more responsibility, instead of being casual, letting things go out of control.

4. Stepping Up could involve better planning, so your outcomes and goals are more intentional, rather than letting things just happen.

5. Stepping Up could involve better orientation for your volunteers, so they really know what you want, instead of guessing what you require for them to succeed.

6. Stepping Up could mean that you are willing to learn a new skill, and that you practice and perform with the use of that skill, i.e., puppets, storytelling, object lessons, or a new magic trick, etc.

7. Stepping Up could mean that you are willing to lead from the front of the group, instead of within the group or in the shadows.

8. Stepping Up could mean that you really use your calendar to plan your year by quarters, rather than by the week or two.

9. Stepping Up could mean that you get more deliberate about returning phone calls and following up quicker to leaders, instead of making people wait for you.

10. Stepping Up could mean that you come to staff meetings with a planned agenda, instead of just responding to what is happening with everyone else.

11. Stepping Up could mean that you take seriously the complaints of the parents of the children in your program, instead of dismissing what they are saying as just “complainers.” Maybe they are saying something you need to hear.

12. Stepping Up could mean that you speak up for the needs of the children as an advocate, since they have no money, no vote and no voice, but yours.

13. Stepping Up could mean that you get some outside opinion about what you are really doing with your children’s ministry, instead of you relying on just your own assessment skills.

14. Stepping Up could mean that you take responsibility to grow your ministry, instead of just maintaining it.

15. Stepping Up could mean that you develop the habit of moving up whenever your ministry plateaus too long, instead of being satisfied with past progress. Keep it growing.

16. Stepping Up could mean that you overcome the fears that sabotage your moving forward into new areas, instead of letting your fears dictate your retreat.

Maybe you will discover what many others have discovered…taking the next step isn’t all that difficult, when you just try a little harder!

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