• When the Angels Came…

Posted by: kidhelper on Thursday, January 1st, 2009


With all the trauma in Tijuana these days with drug related killings, not as many came South from the U.S. for Christmas this year. The migrant farmer workers from Oaxaca thought no one would come this year. The laborers hazard a make-shift life, while working in the fields South of Ensenada in the farm camps in San Telmos. However, the Bread of Life Church from Torrance organized another annual Mission trip anyway, just to minister to these hard working people. In cooperation with the 4 Christ Mission from San Diego, some 40 plus persons from several Southern California Churches, loaded a great white bus the weekend before Christmas.

We became the “only Christmas” for these families…


We conducted a rally for nearly 500 children. We lead them in choreographed music and performed a Drama on the Birth of Christ. I offered an illustrated message about Jesus being the Savior and the King with gospel magic, object lessons, and visuals.


Here I am asking a child to throw the ball of three loops to me. However, when I opened it up, the three loops were magically linked together.


We divided the children into groups of twelve and our group of twenty helped them assemble the Nativity Craft above.  Then other groups were formed as we could handle them until we make 500 of these crafts. Then we cleared all the children out of the sanctuary and had them line up outside again.


Then the Christmas Shoe Distribution began. We let them back in to get a new pair of shoes. We brought over a 1,000 pairs of new and used shoes all piled around the sanctuary according to size.


Mothers came first with their preschoolers.  Denise Hadley was especially concerned that the preschool children get shoes this time. So was especially pleased with the efforts to provide shoes for the little ones like this one. Small groups were let in until everyone made their selection.


Here is a girl that I helped find just the right pair. Also there were piles of clothes, some socks, and some miscellaneous coats that were also available if they could find something that fit. Everything was distributed, nothing was left over.


Then the children would line up again outside and come back through for a plated hot meal and another gift bag.


An impromptu gathering of the children in the Sanctuary were lead by my team in spontaneous music with the children.


It was a happy time for the children, whose faces I will not soon forget.


Here are some more unforgettable happy faces. Their gift bags were prepackaged, with miscellaneous items that all the kids liked (mostly school supplies).


We came to wish them a Merry Christmas! This girl got the message!


All afternoon the medical teams worked with the sick and infirm that would come to the church for free medical attention and medicine. Many had upper respiratory problems and numerous aches and pains that the Doctors assessed.


Of course, they could not handle major problems, but most everyone received something, even it was only vitamins and some attention. Most the patients were prayed for as part of their ministry. Can you imagine a doctor praying for you?

Then the adults lined up for their hot meal, and while it was being plated, they were ushered into the Sanctuary for a short message by Pastor Jose Luis. It was another happy time.


The Food Crew served over 1,000 hot meals that night, tacos, beans, rice, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes. Three kinds of meat were prepared: turkey, chicken and pork. Not only did the team prepare, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus they prepared all the meals for the ministry on Sunday. It was an amazing effort and everyone pitched in to help, all those who were not involved with other areas.

Then there was the Woman’s Ministry. While the program for the children was being conducted, many woman gathered in another room in the school. These ladies were coached about subjects related to parenting, Christmas message, plus some testimonies and a craft just for them to make and take home.


Further, the construction team was able to finish all the electrical for the new school.


Several men were able to work really hard to finish painting all the interior walls of the new classrooms in one day.


Then on Sunday I was able to preach to the whole team about Poverty. This was new ground for me to cover. Since I have been learning about how to minister to the poor during my last ten years of foreign mission trips. I had a few insights and the Lord lead me to share some of them with a couple of gospel magic tricks and some objects helped me illustrate  my points. I was a little nervous about it at first, until I finally got up to speak, then the message just flowed. I had many positive comments and I was hoping for a continuing dialogue about the subject, since we confront poverty on every trip. I have made 16 trips with this group. Each trip contributes to my learning.


We loaded up the bus and visited one of the migrant camps nearby, to deliver bags of staple food supplies to homes. For many this was their first time visiting these migrant workers in their domestic setting. We were invited into their homes and we offered to pray for them. It was very touching and the Lord helped us to bless them and try to encourage them. Then we loaded the bus and drove two hours to the Ensenada Jail.


At the Ensenada Jail, nearly three hundred inmates were waiting for us the arrive. When we walked into the courtyard all the men stood and enthusiastically clapped a greeting for us. There are many Christians in the jail. They love Pastor Paul and he began speaking to them.


They sang with us, which was something to hear.  A couple gave testimony, my team performed a couple of their choreographed songs for the men, which they really liked. You could tell.  Then there was a sermon. Those who were sick went to see the doctors who checked them and distributed medicine. The rest of us prepared a hot meal that we lugged into the jail. We brought all the food and drink for them. We feed over 400 total. Also we distributed new grey sweat pants for every man, plus a hygiene pack with a washcloth, towel, tooth paste, tooth brush, soap and shampoo.

Then we packed it all up and headed for the border and the long ride home to Torrance. By the time I got home and crawled into bed, it was 1:00 a.m. in the morning. Whew! I was beat. It was a great couple of days, something really worthwhile. However, I was not worth much the next day, but I knew why Jesus came.

But I believe God used us…we were the angels that came for “the least of these” this Christmas.

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2 Responses to “• When the Angels Came…”

Kidjoni Says:
January 4th, 2009 at 1:57 am

Coach B, what a blessed experience. It touched my heart to read and see the pictures of all those people. Your experience inspires me and reminds me that this is why we do what we do.

kidhelper Says:
January 4th, 2009 at 2:18 am

Kidjoni, Thanks for the comment. You will have to come sometime with us. We do five a year. You would love reaching the kids too.


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