• Words of Affirmation

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, February 14th, 2011


This is a list of words of Affirmation for Parents and Teachers.  You might want to try some of these with your children.

Words of Affirmation for Parents and Teachers

• A powerful argument!
• An A-1 paper/job etc.
• Beautiful
• Clear, concise, and complete.
• Congratulations!
• You got _____ more correct today.

• Everyone’s working so hard.
• Exactly right!
• Excellent work!
• Fantastic!
• Good job.  What neat work!
• Good reasoning.

• Good thinking.
• Great going!
• I appreciate your cooperation.
• I appreciate your help.
• I bet your (parents/teachers/grandparents etc.)
will be proud to see the job you did on this.

There are a lot more to follow, keep going for more…

• I commend you for your quick thinking.
• I knew you could do it!
• I like how you’ve tackled this assignment.
• I like the way you are working today.
• I like the way you’re working.
• I like the way you’ve handled this.

• I like the way you’ve settled down to work.
• I like your style.
• I noticed that you got right down to work.
• I’m very proud of the way you worked today.
• It looks like you’ve put a lot of work into this.
• It’s a pleasure to be with you when you act/help like this.

• Keep it up.
• Keep up the good work.
• Marvelous.
• Much better.
• My goodness, how impressive!
• Nice going.

• Now you’ve figured it out.
• Purrrrfect!
• Super
• Superior work
• Terrific!
• Thank you for getting right to work.

• Thank you!
• That looks like it’s going to be a good report.
• That’s a good point.
• That’s a very good observation.
• That’s an interesting point of view.
• That’s an interesting way of looking at it.

• That’s certainly one way of looking at it.
• That’s clever.
• That’s coming along nicely.
• That’s great!
• That’s quite an improvement.
• That’s really nice.

• That’s right.  Good for you.
• That’s the right answer.
• That’s very perceptive.
• The results were worth all your hard work.
• This gets a four star rating.
• This is prize-winning work.

• This is quite an accomplishment.
• This is something special
• This kind of work pleases me very much
• This really has flair.
• This shows you’ve been thinking.
• Topnotch work!

• Very creative.
• Very good.  Why don’t you show _____?
(the class, teacher, dad, mom, etc.)
• Very interesting.
• Where have you been hiding all this talent?
• Wow!
• You are really in touch with people’s feelings.

• You make it looks so easy.
• You’re becoming an expert at this.
• You’re on the ball today.
• You’re on the right track now.
• You’re really going to town.
• You’re really moving.

• You’re right on target.
• You’ve come a long way with this one.
• You’ve got it now.
• You’ve made my day.
• You’ve put in a full day today.
• You’ve really been paying attention.

• You’ve shown a lot of patience with this.
• Your really outdid yourself today.
• Your remark shows a lot of sensitivity.
• Your style has spark.
• Your work has such personality.

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